Get 15% OFF on immunity booster Tea Combo Pack

IMMUNITY BOOSTER TEA PACK : Boost your immunity the natural way with the right set of teas.

DESCRIPTION : Are you looking for natural and herbal teas for better health? Or for natural ways to strengthen your immune system? You have found right set of teas which have been thoughtfully put together to give you the much needed health boost. All teas in  Immunity Booster Tea Pack have been made with 100% natural ingredients without the use of any additional flavours, preservatives or additives, thus giving you and your dear ones a wonderfully healthy way to keep your taste buds happy. This pack contains 50g each of the award winning Ayurveda Tea (Global Tea Championship, USA), Turmeric Spice Green Tea and Kashmiri Saffron Kahwa Tea. Each of these teas have carefully selected ingredients that help keep your immunity levels boosted through antimicrobial & anti-inflammatory properties. Perfect start to a healthy regime!

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Valid till : 15-07-2020

Offer : Get 15% OFF on immunity booster Tea Combo Pack