Buy Four healthy microgreens at just INR 99

Four Healthy Microgreens at just Rs. 99 : In this offer, you will get a Pack of FOUR microgreen seeds at just Rs. 99!

The pack constitutes of Radish, Methi, Lettuce and Turnip. Add the Easy to grow healthy microgreens in your cart and use the code below. Nutritional benefits of Microgreens. Microgreens have a number of benefits depending on what type you’re eating. Including some big claims like reducing your cancer risk, lowering cholesterol, and more. Your options are essentially limitless when it comes to the types of microgreens you can eat. These microgreens are packed with more Antioxidants, phytochemicals, minerals, and vitamins etc.

Coupon code : MGREEN99
Valid till : 31-07-2020

Offer : Buy Four healthy microgreens at just INR 99